Full programme

Session B.03: Virus and Host
Tuesday 2 May 2017 08:30 - 10:25

Chairs: Ian Humphreys & René van Lier

08:30 - 09:10
Keynote Lecture: Using the Nonhuman Primate Model to Inform Clinical Prevention and Therapeutic Interventions Against Human CMV Peter A. Barry, Professor; Director UC Davis, Davis, California, United States of America
09:10 - 09:25
Cytomegalovirus reactivation in bone marrow transplantation: is controlling graft-versus-host disease important? Paulo Martins QIMR Berghofer, Brisbane, Australia
09:25 - 09:40
Infection of the salivary gland by MCMV is dispensable for formation and persistence of salivary gland CD8+ TRM Sofia Caldeira-Dantas Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, United States of America
09:40 - 09:55
Changes in the total cell proteome during human cytomegalovirus latency - insights into effects on latently infected monocytes Emma Poole University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
09:55 - 10:10
HCMV reinfection in congenitally infected infants: an evolutionary perspective Cornelia Pokalyuk Goethe University - Institute for Mathematics, Frankfurt, Germany
10:10 - 10:25
Control of immune ligands by members of the cytomegalovirus US12 gene family suppresses natural killer cell activation Ceri Fielding Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom
CMV 2017: the 6th International congenital CMV conference/16th International CMV/betaherpesvirus workshop in 2017<