Keynote and Invited speakers

speaker18 Ann Vossen

Clinical Virologist
Department of Medical Microbiology
Leiden University Medical Center

Ann Vossen is a senior consultant clinical virologist working at the Leiden University Medical Center where she is involved in the daily clinical consultations and diagnostic investigations of viral infections. She is involved in the education of the residents in Clinical Microbiology and the medical students of the Leiden University. She is a member of the board of the Dutch Society of Medical Microbiology (NVMM) and of the Executive Board of the Dutch Foundation for Quality Assessment in Medical Laboratories (SKML). She is the principal investigator of the Congenital CMV research group in Leiden and has initiated two large national research projects, the CONCERT study (antiviral treatment of infants with congenital CMV infection and hearing loss) and the CROCUS study (the disease burden of congenital CMV in the Netherlands). She was one of the supervisors in the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network Vactrain.


Volledige programa

CMV 2017: the 6th International congenital CMV conference/16th International CMV/betaherpesvirus workshop in 2017<